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Thank you for your interest in the Co-op!

Sandhills Farm to Table Co-op  is looking to make connections & solve problems on a regional scale. Are you interested in working together to find community solutions for our area’s food needs?

We ask that you have a fundamental understanding of what we're trying to achieve. Please take a look at our About Us page. The SF2T Co-op is more than just another market; it’s a community "coming-together" over food needs, to solve problems and make connections on a small, regional scale. Farmers own a stake in their markets - and consumers do too, making it a "dynamic accommodation" - with, frankly, a tremendous amount of good will from both sides. The principle that informs our actions is "We're all in this together.”

Products that can be offered through SF2T:


  • Product Categories include: Food, Pet Food and HABA
  • Ag products must be “local” meaning:

    1) Ag products grown in Moore County or the 8 contiguous counties (preferred)

    2) Ag products not grown in these 9 counties, then a County contiguous to them (if needed)

    3) Ag products not available in either of the above (e.g. seafood), then closest source within NC

  • Value added products

    1) Made in the “local” area as defined for Ag products

    2) Made by a vendor who agrees in writing to using local ingredients to the extent possible, and demonstrates this commitment in their actions.

    3) Made from local ingredients, to the extent possible - recognized exceptions where ingredient cannot be local (coffee roasted locally), or is not currently available locally.

"How can I market my products through Sandhills Farms to Table Cooperative?"

You can offer your fresh produce in our Produce Boxes or value-added products through our Online Artisanal Market.

  • Our signature Produce Boxes: New producers usually start as a fill-in and backup, and may grow into principal suppliers over  time. Niche or unusual items of sufficient quantity are also a good way to start, but as we grow we see areas for expansion - several current niches exist now. For example, members would like some organic produce, and we’d like to highlight anyone transitioning to USDA certification. Or, there are crops we’d love to include in the box that no one is currently growing like plums, pears, fingerling potatoes.

  • Online Artisanal Market: An offering of a wide variety of value-added products and specialty produce. A perfect outlet for items such as grass-fed beef, goat cheese, baked goods, jams, honeys, salsas, bulk produce for canning, pickles and other value-added products. Members order from items listed in the Online Market, and the products are delivered to Gathering Site of your choice.  

    Please email for a SF2T Grower or Value Added Producer Application and further information on how to sell through the co-op.