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Neighbors Feeding Neighbors

The Artisanal Market 


Think of our Artisanal Market as an online Farmer’s Market! As an SF2T member, you can choose from the many categories of offerings, select a product, add it to your cart and schedule’s that simple. If you are not yet a member of the co-op, your annual membership fee will automatically be added to your first purchase through the Artisanal Market. 


Our Online Artisanal Market is dedicated to providing specialty, artisanal items that cannot be found in the aisles of a supermarket. We guarantee that the majority of what you are seeing has been handcrafted right here in the Sandhills. As a result, your products will not only be delicious, but will always be fresh, local and unique to our community. You can actually visit the blueberry farm where your blueberry jam is handmade and pick from the fields of blueberries that go into your product. You can take a trip out to the farm where your goat cheese is crafted and hang out with the endearing goats that provide the milk for your cheese... Trust us, it is worth the trip!

While we strive to source all of our products as locally as possible, we also want to meet the demands of our consumers; so we may have to look a little outside the Sandhills to find unique, handmade products that you all have expressed interest in that we do not have access to in the Sandhills region. Of course, we will still seek out vendors that produce according to our supported practices and embody our “Neighbors Feeding Neighbors” mentality.


Some Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Artisanal Market Experience:

  • Use recurring orders: know you want a loaf of bread alongside your box every week? Add it to your recurring orders and place the order once at the beginning of the season!
  • Check in with your Gathering Site Coordinators and volunteers for product references! 
  • Tell your friends!!!!



Our Commitment to Quality & Consumer Satisfaction

 Shopping in our Artisanal Market should be a fun, rewarding experience. Not only should you be gratified by the fact that you are supporting local artisans and producers, but you should be seeing items that excite you. Above all else, you should always be satisfied with the quality of your products. If you are ever disappointed with an item or would like to see something else in our store, please email and we will try to accommodate you. If there’s something that you bought and loved, we want to hear that too! We always love hearing from our members


Thank you for your support of our local farmers and artisans and enjoy the freshest, tastiest online shopping experience you have ever had!


Your SF2T Team


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