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Our Board

We are one of the first local food cooperatives in the country in which the producers, consumers and staff are all equal owners. Our Board of Directors brings these three categories of owners together along with an 'at-large' position to represent the co-op.

By including three different stakeholder groups (producers, consumers and staff) in the decision-making structure of our operations, we are aiming to expand the understanding and respect of each stakeholder group so that each group can benefit the others. This structure reflects our belief that “We're All in This Together”.

Meet your Board Members:

Chairman of the Board- Vince Zucchino (Consumer Representative)

Vince owns Zucchino Associates Landscape Architecture in Southern Pines and has many years of experience on various Boards in the area.

Secretary- Sarah White (Staff Representative)

Sarah joined the SF2T team in 2013 and is now the Marketing & Sales Manager. She loves sustainable business (and food!) and giving back to the community. 

Treasurer- Lorraine Berman (Consumer Representative)

Lorraine is an avid packing house volunteer and also a retired vascular surgeon. Her passion and smarts bring a wonderful energy to the SF2T Board.

Billy Carter (Producer Representative)

Billy is the Owner/Operator of Billy Carter Farms and was one of your Co-op's founding farmers. He supplies everything from watermelons to pumpkins to your Co-op, with all kinds of delicious items in between! 

Steve McNeill (Producer Representative)

Steve is the Owner/Operator of McNeill Farms in Lemon Springs. Taste his greenhouse tomatoes and delicious strawberries in the Spring/Summer! 

Mark Hunsicker (Staff Representative)  

Mark has been on the SF2T team since the early days and is now the Packing House/Delivery Manager. 

Angela Sanchez (At-large Representative)

Angela owns Southern Whey in downtown Southern Pines. She is passionate about local business & community and is excited to bring her expertise to your Co-op Board. 

If you would like to speak with any of our Board Members, please email .