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Neighbors Feeding Neighbors


We Are A Community

Sandhills Farm to Table Cooperative is a growing community who have come together around fresh, local food. We are a cooperative corporation bringing fresh, locally grown food produced by Sandhills farmers and artisans to households in the Sandhills.  We provide recipes and storage tips for what’s in season, potlucks, and farm tours.  We are engaged in our community, making local food accessible to Sandhills families, and helping to secure a living for the next generation of farmers!

Our Mission

To satisfy local food needs with locally grown and produced foods.  What does ‘local’ mean?  The Sandhills of North Carolina - Moore County and the counties it touches (Chatham, Cumberland, Harnett, Hoke, Montgomery, Lee, Randolph, Richmond, Scotland).

Guiding Principles

  • Neighbors feeding neighbors
  • We're all in this together

Desired Outcomes

  • Farmers have a long-term, secure market for their crops, at a price that ensures them a comfortable living for themselves and their family.

  • Consumers have convenient access to the highest quality local food that they want, at a price comparable to current quality food price.

  • Every member of the community has secure access to enough healthy food.

  • Farmers and consumers know each other, and have come to appreciate and respect the others’ contributions to, and needs from, the community.

  • Consumers are healthier and engaged, using the food/health teaching resources available: recipes, cook school, nutrition assessment, preserving, growing, etc.

Organizational Form

We are the first cooperative in the Country where producers, consumers, and staff are all equal owners. We are all in this together!  Every household who sells or buys food through SF2T Cooperative, and all staff making the connections, must become a member each year.  Each membership group elects 2 representatives, and board decisions require at least one vote from each group. Legally, we are a NC Cooperative Corporation. Bylaws are available upon request, contact

2016 Community Impact

  • Over 3 tons of produce was donated to neighbors in need through various food pantries and shelters in the Sandhills.
  • About $240,000 went to Sandhills family farmers & artisans from your subscriptions and Artisanal Market purchases.
  • More than $35,000 was contributed directly to community schools, churches, small businesses and organizations through Gathering Sites.
  • SF2T brought folks together for more than 3,300 volunteer hours to drive the local food movement!